Šimon Kyselica

Web Developer, with knowledge in the game development and design, I have experience in making games and websites.

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About Me.

Passionate about creating Web Applications with complex functionality, I also have a passion for Game Developement and many small games.

  • My Skills Are: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next, PHP, Unity & Git.


Web Design

Beautiful and elegant designs with interfaces that are intuitive, efficient and pleasant to use for the user.


Custom web development tailored to your specifications, designed to provide a flawless user experience.

Game Development

I made quite a few games with Unity, as well with Godot engine and Roblox studio


Website: WIP


Small social media app, where users can share their prompts for ai, and other can copy it or search prompt by tag, etc.


Game Portfolio

Portfolio of my games, made in Unity engine for a Game Jam or as a hobby projects.I published them to itch.io and also Google Play store.


Fitness Club

Webiste to discover new workouts. Search workouts by name, muscles trained, or machines. Watch a video or GIF for instructions.


Movie Search

Very Simple but powerfull movie search webiste, that is powered by film API. Search your favorite movies.


Easy Crypto

The list of 100 top cryptocurrencies, see thier price, Mkt. cap, price change, etc. You can also search your crypto and find info about it.

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